Rubinius Sprint

Welcome! So you want to know about Rubinius Sprint, huh? Here’s a few details.


Rubinius Sprint/Workshop is a weekend dedicated to learning and developing Rubinius, the next generation Ruby virtual machine. The sprint is aimed at developers of all levels, the only requirement is that you have a keen interest to be involved with Rubinius and want to learn more. No particular experience with Rubinius is necessary however it would be beneficial if you’ve spent a bit of time prior to the sprint familiarizing yourself with the basics of Rubinius itself.

Evan Phoenix, founder of the Rubinius project, plus several other Rubinius committers and contributors will be attending.


The sprint will take place at the venue between Saturday 8th March ‘08 (9am – midnight) – Sunday 9th March ‘08 (9am – 6pm).


The sprint will be held at the Shangri-La Hotel, in Sydney, Australia, located in the famous Rocks district of the city:


176 Cumberland Street The Rocks, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia T: (61 2) 9250 6000



The sprint is free for all participants, thanks to Engine Yard – there will be no charge to attend the event, however attendees will need to organize their own accommodation for the weekend, and there will also be no formal catering provided (food and drinks can be purchased at the Shangri-La and in the city).

What to bring?

The venue will provide us with a conference room, internet access, power, and desk/seating arrangements. You’ll need to bring your own computer, power cables, and a burning desire to contribute to the next generation Ruby virtual machine implementation.

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